Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless Water Heater Repair Folsom

So that one can have the cost rewards of using a tankless water heater, it will need to be well looked after. That is certainly where our regularly scheduled upkeep is significant. If one is use to owning a gas or electric water heater and never undertaking any care to it (although one really should), it is recommended to do this with a tankless model. Typically, it is external aspects that will be the source of a needed tankless water heater repair in Folsom. Right here are a few of of the most typical troubles that may take place.

Common Folsom Tankless Water Heater RepairsTankless Water Heater Repair Folsom CA

Improper venting. The most usual mistake with the installation of a tankless heater is using normal B-vent. The concern is that it could possibly quickly ruin the heat exchanger because of acidic condensation.
The incorrect sized gas supply line is used. Often the supply line is too small and was simply attached to the present line. The size described in the installation manual needs to be used.
The gas pressure is not proper. The working pressure must be from 5 to 10 1/2 inches WC for Natural Gas and 9 1/2 to 14 inches for Liquid Propane, depending upon the design.
The wrong kind of gas is being used – natural gas or liquid propane. It is not possible to make use of the non-specified kind.
Water flow or temperature level fluctuation problems. There are several things we will examine to see to it they are working correctly, like cleaning or replacing the input filter, examining the check valve, examining the seals in the faucets and looking to see if there is a cross flow somewhere that needs to be fixed.
Hard water can result in complications also. In areas where the property’s water is very hard, de-scaling will be necessary routinely.
Environmental issues. A tankless water heater should be installed in a clean spot with accessibility to combustion air that is devoid of dust, lint, grease, or chemicals.

Do not think twice to let us know of any issues you are having with your tankless hot water heater, or if you just really want some information and facts on figuring out if acquiring one could be a good fit for your house.

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